Dating Rules In The Army >.> Helppp

okay well ive recently decided that perhaps i dont want to be a nurse. As a joke i decided to go on and see jobs i might be interested in and tell my boyfriend that i was going to jion. i knew he'd freak out and tell me no which is why i did it. but i ended up finding something i really wanna do >.> medical corps officer specializing in child psychiatry. But isn't there that whole rule and regulation crap about officers and soldiers being together or something of that matter?? i want to know the exact rule and if i were to join would i still be able to be with my boyfriend. he doesn't want me to ( his male ego, something about my rank and his??) but i really want to look into it. please please help!!!
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Talk to a recruiter. I know many couples who even work in the same mos in the same troup and one is an officer. They have no prob.

I def. will the next time I see them. Thank you

I see the concern because as an officer you would be the one reprimanded for being with an enlisted soldier. I know that having a different MOS doesn't matter so its still against regs. MAYBE if your in two different branches it may not count? check into it though maybe contact a recruiter?

do what you want to do. look into it a lot and for the rule no. you have to be in the same everything for it to be a problem. if you go into a different mos there is no way for you to mess with his stuff. so theres no problem with that. and if he doesnt support you doing your dream then theres something wrong. do what you think is right for you right now. that way when you have someone who relies on you your prepared

thank you! i appreciate those wise words.