Anybody Wanna Be Apart Of My Support System ?

We are all so strong and it just feels so good to know that most of us are going through the same things and a lot of us have great advice to give to each other. If you girls ever wanna talk and get to know me better and all that good stuff just message me your numbers. I'm really nice and from my understanding have great advice lol seriously though. 
HannahHurt HannahHurt
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

ill be in anyone's support team, that will be in mine.. we all have one thing in common, and no one but us understand what its like.

That's so true. My family doesn't understand why I jump to grab my phone when my soldier calls. Or why I'm willing to drive so far just to see him for an hour or two. I cherish all that time and sometimes I wish I had more support.

i always wish i had more support.. my family is not supportive, and my friends never get anything i say.. they are more conserned with, "dont you think he's gunna cheat on you" or "how do you deal with all that stress and crap" all i can say is, thats what love and trust is for, when you love someone and trust them you can over come anything.. Us girls here, we are the ones who get it, and with out eachother, we have no one who respects and understands military relationships... gotta stick together