My Boyfriend Is In The National Guard And Just Left For 14 Weeks Of Basic Training.

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 months now but we have known each other for way longer. we both are looking forward to him coming back because we are going to movie in together. He is in the National Guard and he just left for Fort Benning in Georgia for 14 weeks and just to note I live in New York. Just before he left we Skype really quickly and I feel really bad because all I could say to him was bye because I was too sad to say anything else, so the last thing I said to him was bye and now hes going to be gone for 14 weeks. We are going to be able to write letters to each other. He told me that when he got there he would write me and i would get in around a week is that true or will he be to busy? how often do you get letters? Also am affraid that our feeling for each other will change like he wont love me anymore when he gets back I dont know why I think that. I need advice help please.
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That's so weird...that's EXACTLY what my boyfriend told me but he won't be back till late April :/ and I will deffinitely message you to talk!

My boyfriend just left this morning and it hurts so bad knowing that hell be gone untill May ... its so hard knowing that the main person that made me smile everyday is the one i cannot talk to for who knows ho long.. does anyone have any advice on how to ease this pain.?

He'll be gone for 14 weeks, and I can understand that since we're pretty much in the same situation lol but it's nice knowing there's someone out there going through the same thing! And I appreciate that, thank you(:

My boyfriend left for basic training this morning...also to ft Benning. Ive been an absolute wreck all day and havent been able to talk to anyone who actually understands the situation...if anyone has any advice or is up for talking it would help a lot!

Oh my gosh, we are in the SAME situation. My bf just left for national guard basic training this morning in ft Benning. I'm so miserable right now :( if you wanna talk just message/comment.

Hey there :) My bf is also in the National Guard, and he also went to basic training at Ft. Benning. So I know exactly how you're feeling right now. I had the same worries as you did, and pretty much the same exact questions. First off, know that you can do this!! It can be very hard, being away from someone you care about so much. The first few weeks are honestly the worst, but it gets better and easier every day; and before you know it, time will be flying by!! But trust me, regardless of how difficult it can get, it's ALL worth it :) When my bf left, I started getting letters about 2-3 weeks in. However, I didn't get his actual address until another week or two after that, so that was when I could officially start sending letters to him. In my experience, I would get between 3-4 letters from him every week (I on the other hand would write him every single day LOL). When he first left, I was also worried that our feelings for each other would change, I would always worry that we couldn't handle the distance, or that he'd forget about me while at basic. But, his time at basic only made me realize how much I loved him, and it made our relationship stronger in the end. Trust me, the thought of coming home to you will give him the strength he needs to get through training, and will make him value his relationship with you that much more :) I hope that helped you feel a little better. Please, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message or something! Just keep your head up girl, you can get through this :)

Of course! Glad I could help :) Yeah, first few days are the worst. I didn't really do much those first few days lol. But all the girls on this site are really supportive, especially when we all have friends that can't relate to what we're going through when our soldiers leave.

You will definitely feel better after getting your first letter! Probably one of the best parts of him being gone other than when I saw him at his basic graduation.

Yeah, waiting is the hardest part of being an army girlfriend sometimes, but it is what it is. I wouldn't feel bad for saying what you did. I'm sure he knows that you love him and will miss him terribly. However, if it still really bothers you, I would recommend mentioning it in a letter to him. Just kinda touch on how you were feeling at the time and say that even though there were so many things you wanted to say, saying goodbye was the only thing you could do at the time, I'm sure he'll understand :) As for graduation, he may not have known about it either. About halfway through training he'll learn more about it. And I'm sure he'll want you to be there for him :)

Ha! Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm a college student myself so it took a bit of my savings to go see him, but it was SOOOO worth it. Just have patience and keep on looking forward to hearing from him :)

Classes definitely helped the time fly by, as did working. Hopefully the same happens to you!

thank you sooo much .. you have really helped.. my boyfriend left this morning and it was the most painful thing knowing i wouldnt see him for months but the only thing keeping me going is knowing that he feels the same way i do

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