My Boyfriend Left For Basic/ait A Couple Of Weeks Ago.

Him and I have been dating since Halloween. We've been inseparable since late September. I actually didn't think it would be this hard to go through. He's only been gone since the 2nd, but I feel like it's been so much longer than that. I'm anxiously awaiting my first letter from him. Ever since he has left, I've seemed to get really depressed. I've never felt like this before the way I do about him. I'm more than sure that he is my soul mate. I wouldn't know what to do without him. He's going to be gone for a total of 19 weeks. Which he should be done by May 22nd. I'm seeking support from my fellow army spouses/girlfriends. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Such as with the depression? Also, does anyone else have someone at Fort Sill?
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When my soldier first left all I did was cry! I missed him so much, I went from living with him to not being able to talk. It does get easier, I wrote him every single day. Once you start getting letters it will really help! Then when they graduate and go to ait it will be a lot easier. My fiancé is at fort sill currently for ait (he was there for BCT too). I get to talk to him every day and we facetime every night. Just remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder and that every day is one day closer to being able to see your soldier! Stay strong <3

I've definitely been experiencing what you've been experiencing. I have A LOT of highs and lows... but I'm hoping that once basic training is over with it'll get easier. The whole not being able to talk to them at all thing makes it so unbelievably difficult. Things that I do to cheer myself up are to think about my future with my boyfriend... marriage, living together, etc. Reminds me that waiting and going through all of this is definitely worth it. Another thing that helps me is going on this website and reading what other Army girlfriends/wives are saying. I've found all of their advice, support and stories to be very comforting! Also, my boyfriend is at Fort Sill!

That is a very good idea to look forward to the future. I have been trying to do the same which definitely does help a bit. I'm also thinking about immersing myself into some good books and talking to people like you for support!

My bf just left for ft Benning today.... I am a mess. I've never felt so hopeless. I'm so depressed. I can relate to how you're feeling :(

It will get better sweetie. Each day is getting a bit better for me. I've been trying to count down the days until I receive my first letter and even phone call. You have us to talk with if you're ever feeling down and lonely. This is why I decided to join this site so that I can talk with different spouses/girlfriends of military men. It helps because we can all relate.

I'm in the exact same boat! Mine has been gone for a week (Fort Benning) and I'm miserable. Just feel so alone cause no one understands what its like. We've been dating for a little over 3 months now and people think I'm crazy for saying he's the one I want to marry already, or that I won't be able to stay faithful with him gone for so long... needless to say us Army GF's need to stick together! It definitely helps knowing many of us have the same type of thing going on. I'm looking forward to getting my first letter too, definitely just have to take it one day at a time. I've been writing everyday (even though I can't send them yet) but its been very therapeudic so far.

I can actually really relate to what you're saying. Ryan and I are actually planning on getting engaged and married next year. There has been uncertainty that I too would cheat, but I don't have that in me to do so. He's definitely my soul mate so why would I, you know? I agree that we should all stick together and maybe even check up to see how everyone is doing. I've written a couple of letters myself. I'm seriously just anxiously waiting for that first letter. That day I get it would be like Christmas day to me.