Trying To Mend Our Relationship While He's Gone

I've been dating a soldier for eight months now. I thought he was everything I've never found in a boyfriend before. We seemed so passionately in love. However, four months ago we got into a huge fight because I found out he was going on dating websites such as pof, meet me, and ok Cupid. Long story short, I caught him cheating. I was devastated and ready to move on. However my boyfriend seemed very apologetic and regretful of such a huge mistake so we decided to work together and move on past the cheating. For the past four months I have noticed a significant change in him. He has a stronger devotion to me and we have much more open and honest conversations. It's been a very difficult path but for the most part we seem to be moving forward. However he's going to be training out I. The field for the next two months and along with coping while he's gone it has also been a struggle as his past continues to haunt me. Since he's not here, his infidelity is all I think about and it continues to eat away at me day by day. Part of me really wonders if I've made the right choice by staying in the relationship. I worry one day all this struggle will prove to be a waste of time.
BarbieJeep BarbieJeep
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013