Boyfriend Of 2 Years Left This Morning For Basic Training...

I'm so so miserable, depressed, upset, I feel worthless. I grew up alone because of the fact both my little brother and sister had cancer, so my parents were with them at the hospital, and I was so alone, I never wanted to feel like that again..... Well, I feel like that now.
I'm so upset, I don't know if I can do it. I'm in so much pain. To add to the pain, we were texting after his flight and he had to wait for a bus, and then all of a sudden he just stopped responding. He promised to call or text me when he was leaving to get on the bus, but that never happened. I'm so depressed.

Anybody that can help? Any tips. He just left this morning so this is gonna be a long couple weeks...
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

When my boyfriend left for basic it sucked.
I missed him an insane amount, but I had school to keep my distracted and work. I tried not focusing on how long it had been since i'd gotten to last talk to him.
It can be somewhat helpful to have friends to spend time with, although it sucks because they can't relate so it's hard for them to help.
But there is always people on here to talk to about anything :)

i do know once they spot the bus its all formal and they are not to be on their phones at all. once they see the bus the are in basic and have to follow all the rules of the person with them

You must be really strong to have gone through that! My boyfriend is at basic training, too. It's hard. I have good days and bad days. But I can tell you that the first couple of days are the worst. It will slowly get easier. The most helpful thing for me is to spend my down time with friends. If you go to school, that will help, too. Do projects, anything that will keep you busy. And whenever you need someone to talk to, come on here. We're all going through this. It helps to know you're not alone. :)