Fiance Joining Army, Anyone Here An Army Mechanic's Gf/wife?

My fiance is joining the army and really interested in mechanics. Does anyone have a boyfriend or husband in this field and how is it? Do they get deployed a lot? How did you handle your SO joining the army and how do you get through the deployments and stuff? I'm really lost about everything and pretty upset because I just want him to be safe and we plan to marry as soon as he gets a date. There's no one I can really talk to about this because they don't understand my situation. How is military life for you and does it really get any easier? Thanks for all your answers.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

My boyfriend is a mechanic in the army national guard but is deployed with engineers right now. Deployments depend on what the need is. I believe in the guard its kind of a rotation for the units.

my friend is a machanic in the marines and he was deployed to japan for over 2 years. it just depends on what the need is overseas and where he goes. Also military life is not that hard. you just got to be able to roll with the punchs. And always be supportive of his decision. yes you can tell him that your scared and you want him to be safe but also tell him how proud you are and that you love him so much. the best part of military life is you have so many firsts all over again. the first hug the first kiss, ect. just be happy and dont worry to much. the stress it puts on your body is horrible if you worry a lot. just stay busy work lots. i couldnt sleep at night so i had a day job and a night job and when you can see him for family day or graduation youll have enough to go see him without feeling pinched in the pocket for cash.

My boyfriend just joined the army yesterday and he is going to be the big machine mechanic... They said that he will be gone for at least 21 weeks for basic and ait... About deployments, my boyfriend told me that they can be sent out at anytime as long as they are needed