Stay Here Or Go There? Help!

Sence my boyfriend has been back from deployment all he talks about is being home for good. His base is on the oppisite side of the country and because of limits of milage of how many miles he is aloud to go on long weekends, we will only see eachother when he gets his month leave in March... That will make it a year sence the last time i last saw him..I know we probably wont have to ever go threw a year with out seeing eachother ever again. but the next leave he will get will be 6-8 months after his March leave. Going one year was hard. fallowing that by another 6-8 months is going to be so difficult. Im already starting to question my stragth right now, all i do is cry, ive never felt so weeak.. living by myself and doing all this is starting to get to me.. Then one day a couple days ago, maybe a week ago, he said to me "babe, ive been thinking. we both are struggling with being apart, and we bother think only seeing eachother twice a year is going to be too difficult. so ive been thinking, by the time you graduate college, i would have already got my promotion and my rank will be high enough to get my own appartment. and so ive been thinking about this, and i really want you to think about it to. would you think about putting college off for a year and a half, and come move out here with me.. you would have to get a job to help out, but we could be together, like we want to be, and we wouldnt have to deal with the empty feeling in our chests"... At first I thought, no way. Im not going to drop college and my job and my life here, to go out there and live with you.. But then, i thought; if my either of my grandmothers didnt want to move out to be with their army men, i wouldnt have parents. if my dad wasnt stationed in New England then he wouldve never moved and settled here. And if my sister didnt move with her boyfriend, they wouldnt have two amazing little boys or an amazing marage.. So now its a family thing, and all of their lives are fine. do they have their troubles, and things dont always go their way. But none of them care, Why?, because they have eachother, and they love each other, thats all they need.. They put their man put his life on the line for them, so they put theirs on the line for him.. now i have been thinking, thats what i want to do. What it comes down to though, does this seem silly? we have only been together offically for 4 months but we have been saying we love eachother and talking about being with eachother and caring about eachother for about 6 months now.. he has been my best friend for 4 years and i grew up with him, liking him the whole way.. so Im turning to you girls, if you are still reading this tell me what you think about this, and if you have already done this tell me if you are happy with your desition, or if you wish you wouldve stayed where you lived?.. thanks girls :)
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Do it do it do it! I am moving up to Alaska in June, once I finish my semester. I am packing all my stuff and traveling 4500 miles away to be with my boyfriend. People think its crazy, but we are over the long distance thing. it's been 2 years and too much time has been spent apart. I am visiting here and it's been amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be doing the right thing. Also, you don't have to give up college. There are student loans for a reason. Look into every scholarship you can to help you out! (:

go do it. you can transfer colleges or maybe take a year of online courses. And it is so worth it. I moved 16 hours away from my home town to be with my boyfriend and we were together one year before he deployed and it has been one of the best things i have ever done. just know living with someone takes time and understanding. but it is a great feeling to wake up next to the love of your life almost every morning.

I agree to follow your heart..and maybe you can get into a school near him or go online from your current school.

You should follow your heart! I've been with my soldier for 5 months now and were engaged. We're planning on getting married and moving in together when he gets to his duty station and I get added to his orders of course. It's going to be hard, but if you guys truly love eachother it'll work out. I'm scared to leave everything here at my home town but for me it'll be worth it because ill be able to start my life with my soldier and I'm really excited about that.

thats amazing!! i love my man so much, ive loved him for such a long time.. and knowing im not the only one who would do this for their man, makes me feel better about what i am most probably going to do.. thank you :)

No problem! I wish you well with what you decide to do (:

i wish you the best as well!! and thanks