I Need Some Advice

So my soldier and I are engaged and were hoping to get married soon. What are your opinions on doing a courthouse ceremony and then in a few months having a ceremony at our hometown for our family and friends to come to and celebrate with us? I know ultimately it's our decision but I was wondering if any other milsos have been through this situation or if anyone has any advice.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

ill be happy when someone answer your question me and my fiance are planning on doing the same so i would like to hear some experiences also lool

Lol yeah I think we're going to end up doing it this way but I'd just like to hear others experiences too. I'm anxious just thinking that next week ill be marrying my best friend!

WELL CONGRATS!! either way will be special..I kind of like the idea of something private first then something you can celebrate with family and friends...will you be marrying him at his duty station or will he be home?

Thanks! At his duty station