It's Been One Week...

It's been one week since I've talked to my boyfriend, that I've actually heard his voice. One week doesn't seem like a long time, which it really isn't, but right now it feels like forever. Going from talking to someone all day everyday, to not talking to them at all is a HUGE change. I'm not doubting my ability to take on this challenge, it just gets really hard sometimes. I try to keep myself occupied with school, which kinda works, but so many things remind me of my boyfriend and I find myself breaking down at random points during the day. It also makes it very difficult that I have nobody to really talk to about what I'm going through right now. My close friends and family have never had to deal with anyone close to them leaving for the Army... so I understand that they don't know exactly how to help... so I've just been "suffering in silence" you could say and trying to stay strong for my soldier... which I'm sure many or all of you can relate to. I just can't wait until he's done with basic training so that I can at least talk to him more often... hopefully then it'll be a little easier.
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my boyfriend left for basic on january 7th to fort benning and its been so hard not talking to i know exactly how you feel. him and i recently live together and its so weird going from seeing him everyday and talking to him and doing everything with him, to him being gone completely and not even being about to text him or anything. It gets so hard sometimes and I haven't gotten any letters or calls yet, i know its still early, but it feels like it has been forever!

it's so hard not talking! and yes, a week feels like months right now! but hopefully we will hear from our boyfriends soon! i can't wait to get a call or letter!

me too! I read all these other stories which help me keep my hopes up, because I just keep thinking, "maybe today", but I just get all sad again when its still nothing, and then I got to build myself back up again, and start all over the next day!

that's exactly how i feel, too! i check my mail everyday and always keep my phone by me in case he calls. but i know that when i hear from him i'll be so happy!

I got my first call tonight! he only had 30 seconds, but it was the best ever!

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