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In October I met the most amazing person in the entire world... He treats me exactly how I have ever wanted be treated by a boyfriend. Little did I know that my amazing man would soon be leaving me. My boyfriend swore in to the US Army yesterday and have him shipping out for basic in less than 4 months and will be gone for 21 weeks.. Still even though it is a fresh relationship, I am in love with this kid. I guess I am just joining this group to see of there is any advice on staying strong for him as well as being ok when he is gone.. This kid is my rock... He is the only way that I have made it through the past couple of months.. Any advice is welcome :)
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My girlfriend went to basic back in August and has 3 weeks left in A school. It's been hard we really bonded through our letters while she was in basic, believe it or not it strengthened our relationship. 2 months apart then we got to spend 8 hours together. Then she was gone again 2,500 miles away for training. It was easier once she left for training because I made sure she had a cellphone and tablet we got to talk regularly and skype made things much easier. 2 months in to A school she got to use leave for Christmas and we were able to spend 2 weeks together, then she flew out for another 6 weeks. We're down to our last 3 weeks apart for a little while at least. I'm not going to lie 14 days and 8 hours together over a period of 6 months is rough. It'll prepare you for what it's like when they are deployed and really test your relationship. Weak relationships usually don't last because once they hit training after basic soldiers tend to go wild. Just make sure that you continue to show support write every day it helps, continue to build a solid foundation in your relationship because from the sounds of it you'll probably be spending more time apart then you did together and sometimes it's hard to remember what it's like having that person around, remembering who you were without them. When you can talk on the phone always stay positive never make them feel guilty for their decision to join the service and leaving you behind. Never lie to each other, and make sure that when he does go off for extra training after basic and you two can talk regularly you never end a call on a bad note. Keep yourself busy, but never put yourself in a position that would make him feel insecure like hanging out at bars and clubs. Also note he may seem edgy, or a bit distant after all his training just be patient and let him adjust at his own pace don't be overwhelming, II wish the both of you well!

my boyfriend just left for basic training a little over a week ago... so i'm still new to this whole army girlfriend thing too! i'm not gunna lie to you, it's very difficult not being able to talk to him at all. i've been keeping myself super occupied with school, so that definitely helps. another thing that has been helping me is talking to army girlfriends/wives on this website. talking to people that are in the same position as me has helped quite a bit, actually. whenever i'm having a bad day/really upset, i read about and talk to other girlfriends/wives about what we're all going through. doing this reminds me that i'm strong, and can take on this challenge because of how much i love my boyfriend. something that someone posted on here a few days ago said something along the lines of "be a soldier for your soldier", that kinda stuck with me... so whenever i'm having a low moment or a bad day, i think about that too.

you'll be able to be strong through him being at basic! it's difficult, but definitely worth it in the long run. i hope that i've helped in some way!

Thank you for the hope!!! I am definitely trying to be the strong one right now... But he is so excited but on the inside I just want to grab him right now and not let him go!

Ughhhh this is me right now! My boyfriend left 9 days ago, his last text before his phone got taken said he had put a letter in the mail for me.... still hasn't come yet :( But I think the biggest thing that bothers me is that nobody around me understands how difficult it is. Luckily our families are very supportive of our relationship, but my coworkers and friends are just mean about it. Must be easy to have an opinion when you can so easily see/talk to your boyfriend or husband everyday. I know I can't let it bother me but I said to one of them today "I would like to see you try to communicate strictly through handwritten letters for 4 months and then come talk to me"

I know I'm an emotional basket case this week but I pretty much come on this site every night now cause its sooo helpful to read that we are all going through the same things! Definitely helps get through it everyday... we're all in this together and who knows maybe all our boyfriends are friends haha

you are very welcome! and that's exactly how i feel too! i know my boyfriend is excited to be doing this, but i just want him with me all the time!

Hey you never know they could be friends... And I totally understand about no one understanding what we are going through... It frustrates me!! At least we have each other... Reading everyone's stories make me feel not so alone anymore

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