Valentines Without My Soldier

So my babes still in Georgia and unfortunately he'll be there throughout February. Valentines is coming up and I want to send him something. I just haven't decided on what exactly. I was thinking a teddy bear in An army suit with engraved dog tags with a quote and our names. But I don't want to be to girly or get him made fun of.. Hah. I just neex some help. I want him to like it but hes soo difficult to shop for considering I can't send him much. Any advice?
VannaSmiles VannaSmiles
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am trying to come up with ideas too! My boyfriend is deployed and his birthday is two days before valentines day. I was thinking of creating a combined care package. Hope you get some more ideas from people. I do like the engraved dog tag idea!

I think that is an adorable idea!!! You should totally do it!!