Do I Follow My Heart? Too Soon?

I am a senior in High school, in 5 months I will graduate, 2months later ill be off to college. I had my mind set on not going any farther than 3hrs away from home, but my soldier and I have been talking and he would like for me to go to college over there in Oklahoma, I am hesitant about this decision 1. Because it is more then 3hrs away from my home & 2. Because im not sure of what my parents would say. I would like to go and study over there, I will be closer to him, & that is all I want. I am looking into Cameron University since my boyfriend is also studying there on weekends. My friends tell me its crazy and I shouldn't but I see the situation just as the same as going to college 3hrs away just that itll be farther & ill be closer to my bf. I will still major in what I want to major, and ill still receieve my education ... So why not uh .. We have been together for about 3weeks now, but in August we will already have 7 months together, will I be crazy for going to college over there? Are my friends right? Would you go? Should I just wait? Too soon?
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You'll be committing to a college before you reach that 7 month mark with him. I am all for being close to your guy. I know how that is and I know it would be hard being away. But in a year or two his base will change and he might be somewhere else and you might be left in Oklahoma alone.. I understand how torn you must be. I've dealt with something similar but weigh the options and outcomes a little more carefully. Good luck!

The only problem i see with you going to school so far away with your boyfirend in the service is that he might be transfered or deployed. so you will be alone where you are at. and that is not fun and extremely scary. do want you want, i encourage it since i moved over 16 hours away to be with my man, but know with the army or any military they have lots and lots of last min changes that could take him away from you. so that is something you should take to him about. find out if his troop is looking to deploy and if so around what time and how you would be left alone when he is gone, and so on. good luck

youve only been dating three weeks alot could happen form now until then. i think you should take things a little slower you have a whole life time to be with him..the distance wont kill you

We have 3weeks together as a couple yes but 3years as "friends" / mess around.

You should apply at both schools. Depending on what is going on in april/may will help you decide if it's till worth going there.
But it also really depends if you are ready to be that far from home, surrounded by a bunch of people you don't know-although you'll make new friends- for a boy.
If you have a problem with anything, who can help you?
Also, does the college have what you want and can you do with the size of campus and area around?
It's a lot more then just going somewhere just to be closer to your boyfriend. Personally, I might wait till the second semester or 2 year and had a longer relationship.
But your friends are wrong thinking it's crazy and wrong.
You aren't getting married to him yet, and loads of people married after only knowing and being together with someone after like 6 months or so.
It's college and you can always move back & go college around your home if you need to.

Ive applied already to the sunys that arent as far, ive been getting acceptance letters already. My bf and I have been bestfriends for 3yrs. Just we started dating 3weeks ago. My biggest fear is how far ill be, but making new friends and the environment wont be an issue I can adapt to new place well. The college does have what I want ive done research alot too. Plus he studys there so I know. I did mention to him the 2yr wait and then maybe transfer. High chance thatll be my final decision.

My boyfriend and I have been friends for 5 years, together for 6 months now. He's tried encouraging me to go to UK pretty much since we've known each other because that was where he was going. I didn't want to. I'm also glad I didn't because this is my first year in college and now he's in the Army. So he isn't even at that college. But even if he had decided to just go to College there and not join the Army, i wouldn't of gone to college there.
Not till I'd felt more secure with the relationship and certain that I would do fine there. It's only like 4/5 hours from my home, but still pretty far for me.

Plus, things do happen and you could be mid-semester and he has to leave for something. Would you be okay being there for some time without him even though you moved there for him?
Just think of the possibilities and how would you feel if any of those happened.
Hope for the best, plan for the worst.