In Need Of Advise... Boyfriend Meeting The Parents?

I have been with my boyfriend for just over a year now and have known him for 5 years. He is currently deployed and has been talking a lot about moving in together when he returns. At first I was excited and then I realized there are two reasons I want to wait. 1. We would have been a part one year and we should both take the time getting use to each other again and 2. he hasn't met my family. I am 25 and living at home while I complete grad school. My boyfriend thinks I should tell my family about him now but I don't think they will really understand me saying I am dating someone and he is not here. I have never introduced a boyfriend to my family so I have no idea how to go about this... My question is how did you all introduce your soldier to your family? or do you have any advise as to how I should.
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my boyfriend meet my parents before we went on our first date. he was a gentleman and walked up to the door and introduced himself to my parents. and if your not ready to move in thats fine, but dont blame it on getting to know him after the deployment. that just sounds like an excuse to me. im not trying to be mean but my boyfirend has been in training for months and deployment and when he comes home and wanted to move in together i would do it in a heart beat. we lived together on the weekends before he deployed and frankly i have never regretted that. i think if you dont feel like your ready its because of something else. yes some soldiers go through a lot when they get back but by being with the love of there life it does help.

just let them know you have someone you want them to meet and set something up..they will obviously know there is something special between you two if you have never introduced them to a guy and want to now. and trust me if a guy wants to live with you he is serious and you don't want to loose that over something as simple as meeting the parents even if you still decide you aren't ready for that step

Thank you... You are very right! This is something serious and I do think meeting the parents is important in order for us to continue progressing in our relationship.

mom dad this is my boyfriend (insert name) then he will shake your fathers hand and kiss your mother on the cheek.

Sounds easier then it is lol. Do you give them a heads up first and then set up a meet? Do you casually introduce and then later do a dinner?

nope just tell your parents your boyfriend is coming over i mean you should at least tell them youve been seeing someone