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So I been with my man for sometime now an he asked me what kind of ring as in engagement ring I'd like. I feel like time is just a number. Some people know each other a month and get married and last forever and some are together for years before marriage and not last. In my heart I'm ready and his mom just loves me. She always wants todo stuff. How soon did y'all get engaged? Did alot of people bash y'all?
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I've been with my boyfriend, now fiancé for 5 months before he proposed. Everyone's bashed us for the most part. But we're both ready for this lifelong commitment and were both happy. I don't really believe that there are time limits for getting engaged and married. When you're ready you'll know

I know it's a commitment a life long commitment. We are not strangers we have known each other forever. Trust me I've said no to an ex who proposed because I knew deep down I could not stand to be with him forever. Yes pros and cons got it all lol I was just curious how long people have been together with their partner when they got engaged.

I have heard some people engaged within a month and then some who take 9 years of dating to even make that step. Just curious in others views. And I got the military lifestyle down born and raised in it and I'm working for the government now. Hell If a family member is home more than 3 weeks at a time it's very awkward to me so this distant thing is normal. Yeah it sucks at times but idk I been doing this with my entire family mom dad all my grandparents everyone for 25 years so it's the normal thing anymore.

And far as anything goes we are beyond stable in our lives. Knock on wood. Both highly educated. No debt. No children. And families who like each other. And both hardcore military families so we have tons and tons of support so we are good know what we want. It's good we both have great careers but yet we strive and encourage each other to go to the next step in our fields. It's pretty awesome.

I have a friend who has set rules on time limits and dating and she always lectured me that people should wait numerous years before marriage. Yet she's single? Or back and fourth with an ex which i find ironic but anyways....Well all I can say with some of our jobs we are not promised tomorrow so we might as well enjoy and embrace the blessings that we have in out lives before it's too late. I know he's leaving soon and I might not be to far behind him.

Me and My boyfriend have been dating almost 5 years and we are 24 we decided to wait to get married to make sure we could do this distance since Tuesday the 15th he left for basic. It's really hard and being apart makes me love him that much more. You are responsible for your own actions. If you love him enough, time means nothing. Weigh out the pros and cons. Marriage is a huge deal its more than a piece of paper its YOUR life. HE is YOUR life. Till death do you part. Are you ok with this, is he everything you have ever wanted, do you love him, do you get along with his family, is there more things ud change about him then keep about him. Can you honestly say that in a conversation with your friends that its good things he does more then bad? Remember of course there will be bad things, thats what makes a relationship, but can you deal with those "bad things." Always follow your heart and if you dont know give it a little more time and you WILL know.

Oh yea I'm going to do it and I don't care what others think. Most who bash are te ones who are jealous and in a bad relationship. I was just curious what everyone else time limit was and such :)

If you love him, marry him. If people are bashing you, they're no good for you or your boyfriend. If this is what you two want everyone should be supporting you two no matter what. So screw the people that bash you.

6 months but, we were friends a year and a half before we started dating. For people being judge mental yeah but don't worry about them it's what you guys feel is right.