So not the usual story. If y'all haven't realized yet yes I do mma. So since I have a valentines get away with the man, should I calm down on the fighting? I mean knock on wood I haven't had any injuries in a long while but this kid got a nice swift round house kick to the face in training and it snapped his nose. Ill have to admit it was pretty awesome the whole fight. And the last thing I wana do is look like a domestic case for valentines. I always have bruises from training an I work out twice a day most days depending on work.

Idk my man and I are both heavy into mma and bodybuilding. And no before y'all get mental issues I'm not some beastly muscle woman lol just when I'm done with government work I wana do fitness modeling. I'm super southern bell girl with a tough side.

So should I just keep going full force and tell my trainers no hits to the face and just work on the rest of my body. Orrrrrr just slow down so I don't hurt anything? I know y'all are probably like is this chick for real right now asking this, but look at it from our view this is a huge deal in our lives training. Yes he doesn't want me hurt but he understands it and we joke about it but I'm afraid I might get off the plane on valentines day with a black eye going up to kiss my soldier in uniform. Lol not a good look ya know


Girls can fight too!


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i say keep doing your thing and just don't get hit in the face lol