I Feel Like A Bad Girlfriend. Is This Normal?

So yesterday I felt the lowest I have since sunday when I talked to my boyfriend last in the morning before he left for the hotel and then Fort Benning on monday. So yesterday I was trying to feel better so I was thinking of what I want to write in a letter to him so I want to write I'm happy were making this work and the last thing I want to happen is to lose you . Right after I thought that I all of a sudden stoped being sad and I don't know why does that make me a bad girlfriend? Don't get me wrong I miss him so much and love him so much but for some reason I don't feel so sad anymore. I don't feel like crying anymore is this normal or should I be worried? All I think about is that im so proud of him, im honored that he picked me to be his girlfriend, and I can't wait for him to get back so we can start planinf our future that we have talked about. So is that bad? I also feel like when he gets back that I wont be good enough for him because hes doing this amazing thing :/
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

After awhile, there are no more tears to cry. But that doesn't make you a bad girlfriend. You can still worry and care for him without the tears. And I use to think that I wouldn't be good enough for Chris when he came home on leave, but the minute he saw me, his eyes lit up and he had a huge smile, and he hugged me. Then for the rest if the night, he made sure he was always with me. Whether he was holding my hand or if he had his arm around me. He made sure everyone around us knew he was with me. And I was happy. So don't worry about any of that. If you ever need to talk, I'm here :)