Venting (excuse The Language And Rambling)

One of the worst feelings any daughter could ever have is not have their mother support them during one of their most special moments such as giving birth and/or getting married. In my case getting married.

AGAIN..PLZ EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE!!! BUT I AM ******* 23 YEARS OLD 24 in 5 months..I am more then capable of making my own decisions. apparently my mom thinks other wise and think MY LIFE should be lived HER WAY!! anyways, so anyone that reads my stories no that me and my soldier recently got engaged in which i am REALLY EXCITED and trying to STAY excited about it but it seems every one..(Mom especially) is trying to kill my joy. My fiance is still in AIT school and does not graduate until late march where then he will be going to his first duty station. and we are not sure when he will be able to come back home so initially we planned that if he came home after AIT then we would have a small ceremony (very small) and a bigger wedding later on. BUT if he does not get to come home then when I go to his AIT graduation we would marry IF his first duty station is not overseas in which that case we would wait for him to get to his first duty station and marry then.. so to sum it all up we were planning to marry now in a courthouse and then have an "bigger wedding" later. if he comes home after ait the small ceremony now...bigger wedding later...that's the way we BOTH have agreed on..he is not pressuring me to marry any sooner then i want and i am not pressuring him...if he wants to get married 1 2 3 years from now then HEY fine with me. but that's not want we want..soo the frustrating part is that mom wants us to wait a year to a year and a half... 2 years would be great for her (so she say)..i do understand that she wants to be involved and wants to be there when we marry and thats great I WANT HER THERE but it should not matter where we decide to do it at...she actually said that "we have to have a really nice wedding because she will not have people talking about her" SHE HAS ALSO SAID (actually a few mins ago) that OUR wedding will NOT have any sentimental meaning or will not be special if we just get married in a courthouse or my pastor don't marry me 0_o THAT REALLY REALLY PISSED ME OFF how in the hell are you going to tell me the sentimental value of OUR WEDDING providing we get married in a courthouse !?!?!..i didn't know that how much money you spend on your wedding or how big it is determines on how special your wedding is. some people get married in courthouse and have the most happiest wedding ever and then there are some who spend thousands on weddings only to get divorced in 2-3 years. it just ****** me off that she cant support my decisions i told her that wutever we do she will get over it and she gets mad..tells me to get out her room and blah just really bothered and hurt..i thinks its selfish of her... all she should be concerned about is my happiness and not how big or small my wedding will be = / SIGH idk...this has really put me in a sour mood....she also said that if we do it courthouse to not tlk to her...idk if she was kidding but i do know that she would be VERY VERY mad and i would not be surprised if she actually did stop talking to us...i really don't know what to do..smh..i really could go on about this forever but im sure i have already written enough.

SO ANYWAYS sorry for the long rant and thanks to those who actually took the time out to read it uplifting words would be really nice to help me hold back these tears of anger and aggravation.= /
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There is definitly nothing wrong with a courthouse wedding. cause we are doing the same thing at the end of the year. i want it wedding like. so are some people still able to come? like my parents? and his mom. and my man found out where his first duty station was in the same state we are from just a couple hrs away :) and he found out like a month ago and he graduates this month. hold tight ladies

Yes you can bring family...i want some of my family there..but idk how thats gonna go...and woow lol i know ur happy about his duty station lool. && trying to be patient lool

i hope your mom comes through for you. If you and your mom are close i can see how important it is to you. But if not do what you have to do and do what makes you and your fiancee happy :)

yea...i hope so to..but if she doesnt I wont let it dampen my excitement..she can either jump on the happy wagon or be grumpy alone lool