Why Do I Always Have To Go See Him?

ok so my soldiers first duty.station is 3 hrs away.from me. And after he graduates AIT.at the end of the month he will be there. Problem is im not always gonna have thw gas money or access to a car to go see him. i wont be getting a new car til june and im using my parents when they let me. But for some reason he wont get his license and buy a car now like he said he was gonna do. all of a sudden they arent in his plans. This is really fustrating to me because im always doing the driving. picking him up taking him where he needs.to go. it would be nice to be picked up and took out and for him.to.come see me for.once. basically if im not moving no moves.are being made. am i wrong.for.being a little aggravated?
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Tell him if he doesnt get his liscence and a car then your not going to see him if he really cares about hell do it if not then dump his lazy ***

o0o0o why dont mr. want to get his license lol maybe because he feel like he really cant drive right now so there isnt a point anyways..but ME as far as car issues and gas i would make him pay for any car rentals and gas anytime he wants me to see him since he does not want to cooperate or make it easier on the both of you....i would be aggravated to