Boyfriends Phone Call

Well i finally got to talk to my baby. He was telling me about how boring it is there, and different. He said he doesnt care much for the guys there, that they are idiots and have no idea what they are talking about. I miss him so much. But I think we will be okay and make it through this tough time. <3 my heart grows bigger each day because it's being filled with the love I have for him!
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Haa :)
This sounds like my boyfriend. He didn't like most people when he was in BCT. I would figure most of them act mature, apparently it's like the complete opposite and they are very idiotic.
He won't have to be around all of them too much longer after he gets done with BCT thankfully, on his part.

Yea he said that there maybe a total of 5 guys from the age of 22-26 and the rest are 18-22. He understands that not all guys are mature and they have NO idea what they are getting themselves into, but they are being cocky and trying to make it seem like its CAKE. He will be done with boot camp in May so I hope they don't distract him too much cause he is a hard working fella! &lt;3

I'm not sure the age of the guys my boyfriend went to BCT with, I have seen some of them though. A lot of them did seem like younger guys. I figure most join after high school. I don't mind people being confident in what they can do, but cocky is annoying haa.
They will get straightened out more hopefully as it goes along :)
I just kept telling my boyfriend "Only a little while longer, only a little while longer!"