First Letter !!!!

Ok I got my very first letter on Friday so it hadn't been two weeks only one that I had to wait so I was VERY excited and happy to hear from him so soon I did my happy dance screamed and jumped around for about 10 minutes before I could actually open the letter lol basically he answered almost all of my questions he gave me his mom's number and gave her mine so that we could stay in touch with each other while he's gone. His graduation is supposed to be the beginning of March and family day April 11th. He was apologizing for leaving me umm I guess I kinda didn't take it so well and he noticed smh he misses me just as much as I miss him so that just made me feel like 1,000 times better, he said that it's cool there and he's a little sore it's not too hard but he's tired of getting yelled at lol yeah go figure he also said that they wouldn't be able to talk on the phone AT ALL not even on Sundays so we would have to just write. I've written him a letter everyday and I think I'll just keep doing that I know I'm a little clingy but whatever thanks everybody for being so supportive on here I appreciate everyone. Thank you guys so much
HannahHurt HannahHurt
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013