I'm Freaking Out!!!

So my boyfriend called me on Saturday we got to talk for like 7 minutes ): he told me he wrote a letter and when I read it I'm going to cry that makes me worry is it going to be a good cry or a bad one? So many thoughts are ruining threw my head I'm I going to cry because he getting deployed? or is he staying longer? Idk why he would say I'm going to cry and when I was talking to him the reception wisent really good so I don't know if he said I'll get the letter Friday or I won't be able to write him till Friday but either way I haven't got a letter yet hmm :/
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I would just hope for the best. You never know it could be a surprise that he could be going on a leave early to come home and see you.. :) I wouldn't get too worried about it until the day comes that you get your letter... Keep your head up! :)