Army Girlfriends.

My boyfriend's in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, about 2 hours away from me. I'm somewhat new at this Army thing! My momma's an Army Wife, she told me it was one of the hardest things in the world. But, I love my soldier to death, and since I met him, it all seems worth it. I'm nervous about deployments and everything, but all I can do is pray, right? I love my man no matter what, and I refuse to let anything get in the way of that. But, I was just looking to hear some of you guys out. And, see what I have to look forward to. Lol, any suggestions for a newbie?
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Right, like he means everything to me. They might deploy to Afghanistan in April. I really hope it doesn't happen. I mean, it's hard enough having him 2 hours away. It kind of scares me. Alot of people are telling me that I'm too young to have to deal with this. But, there's nothing I'd rather do. The heart can't help who it falls in love with. And, mine just so happened to have a scary job.

hi...i been with my boyfriend before he went to the army (before AIT and basic). so dating almost 2 years so kinda new not so much. And your mom is so right it is the hardest thing in the world i ever had and have to go through. everybody is different and experience things different. something might have happened in your life that was hard for you and this probably isnt. But you are lucky to have someone who know what it is like (your mom). My advice is pray like you said. My boyfriend isnt deployed out of the states but he is on one side of the U.S and I'm on the other. (AK and FL). sometimes i hate not seeing him and not knowing when the next time i will.....but i love him so much and it is worth it. knowing the man you love can just put his life on hold and on the line to service his (dont know how to explain it). also know the women on here and everywhere who are military wives or girlfriends are very supportive. i'm here to talk anytime.