Found Out Duty Station!!!!

So my fiance will be going to Fort Drum, NY. Ohhhhhhhh myyyy word. I think I thought about every place, but New York lol. God the snow. THE SNOW!! I'm a southern girl who loves lots of sunshine and likes maybe 2 inches of snow for a day then I'm ready for warm weather This is definitely going to be a big adjustment. I was like hmm maybe we are close to the city. Nope. Couldn't be farther, it's a little over 5 hours away. We are right by the Canadian border lol. Oh me oh my, I'm still excited though. I like moving and seeing new places, but I guess I have to buy a real winter wardrobe finally haha. Visiting the New England states on weekends will be nice too. So does anyone have any advice about Fort Drum / info about it / going there as well / etc? I'm about to google everything about it. One good thing about him being in the states though is that we will be able to have a fall wedding!! yayyyy!!!!
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My good friend just came back. Buy cars fit for the weather, she says. You will NEED them.

Where is your fiancée stationed currently? And maybe you can tell me more about Fort Drum. My boyfriend is going there in a month

Goodfellow AFB by any chance? And yeah, my boyfriend is a bit used to cold and snow. Doesn't like it but he's used to it. He is in Intelligence division, don't know his MOS name technically. He can't tell me anymore than that

Hmm...very big coincidence then. I get a week visit from my boyfriend so I'm happy. Going to be a basket case when he leaves in a couple days though. I wish I could have gone to his graduation though.

I do plan on visiting him in NY. I just have to save the money because I will not allow him to pay for the ticket for me. He does go crazy sometimes in those buildings because he can't bring his phone in with him due to possible intelligence breach. It makes for a long 24 hour shift at that. I hope you and your fiancee have a good future together. Right now it's snowing and freezing in NY though.

Where is your fiancé at now? Is he in basic? My fiancé is in basic and I havent heard where he going yet. What is your fiancés job?

Calvary scout. He is in his last couple of weeks of basic.

How far along did he find out where he would get stationed?

gotcha...ok thank you... I am just stressed out lol. I dont know if I asked you this.. but how much did yall get to talk in ait?

That is awesome!

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WWOOWW HAHA s0o0o i just found out where he will be stationed..he's going to fort Carson, Colorado....this is going to be beyond different for me already scared and nervous's over 1600 miles from where i just sort of speechless right now lol..atleast he's in the states

Yea, I did a little googling and youtubing its seems its alot to do there...the only thing is that..ummm I dont like mountains..they kind of scare me for some reason (dont laugh my fiance did enough of that lool) and its alooootttt of mountains there lol AND SNOW OMG SNOW that is going to be the toughest for me lol...but yea he could have been somewhere excited about the new change though

Lol yea ill get over it...are you getting married on the base? or another near by courthouse?

Where ever we go I think we will go on base to their court house....Im thinking we are going to do it in texas because he called me today and told me that he will most likely have a week and a half off before going to his first duty station.....i think they get a 4 day weekend pass after AIT....atleast thats what ive heard doing my research.

Hi, I was reading yall's discussion and I am engaged as well. Planning a wedding is hell when your man is in the military but it is what it is lol. So I saw you said you have a 4 day weekend pass after AIT... how do you know you are getting that? I am new to all of this and just wondering. Also is your fiancé in AIT now? Where at?

Yes he's in AIT in Texas until march. right now im just assuming that he will get a four day weekend pass from all the research i've been doing (me and google are like bff's lool) and we know that he will have a few days before he goes off to his duty station soooo usually they get to stay the night off base....right now they can go off base doing the evenings so it would make sense......when is you and your soldier big day?

Ok cool. My solider found out he will be leaving the day of his graduation day. He starts AIT in a few weeks. It is stressful, I cant plan a wedding day because we just got engaged and we have been talking through letters for the past 4 weeks. He came home over christmas and then left to finish basic and then start AIT. How long after basic did yall get to talk on the phone? Also, how often do you guys get talk?

ooooohhhh yea there is no such thing as planning when it comes to dating someone in the military....We have talked every single day since he graduated basic..i think in march is when they go to the field for 2 weeks and then we wont be able to talk for those 2 weeks...

Mine is still in basic... but is done soon I think. He starts blue phase tomorrow. But I am happy you guys get to talk everyday. That is the hard part..not talking to them.

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