First Duty Station!!!a Serious Adjusment!

So last night i FINALLY found out my fiance' first duty station...which is Fort Carson Colorado!! I AM ALREADY SCARED!!!! lol I am a TRUE FLORIDA GIRL!!! I have NEVER seen nor felt snow..its the middle of January and we are still in the 70's the lowest we get here is like 45..and that's at night...I will be over 1600 miles from all of my family and friends or as I tell him "I will be 1600 miles away from Life" lool. I really cant imagine yet being that far away from my 1 1/2 year old nephew and my 5 year old niece I am super close to them and it's going to suck not seeing them and hanging out with them when I want = (
On a MORE POSITIVE NOTE though while i am VERY scared and nervous I am also excited about the change of scenery. My fiance is not originally from Florida, he moved here when he was about 9-10(maybe older) then he has lived in Missouri for the 2 months in basic, now in Texas for AIT and now he will be in colorado and he don't have much family here just his mom...and his brother who he's not to close to. it will be an easier transition for him as he is pretty used to moving around lol his roommate also got the same duty station and their pretty close soo he even get to take a friend with him lool.
But after talking to my fiance I realized something....I have lived in Florida for all of my 23 years of living I HONESTLY have never been on my own..I have never been away from I couldn't get mad at him when he basically told me it's time to put my big girl panties on and grow up and show everyone I am a 23 year old ADULT because my mom and and 2 older brothers do tend to think im 16-17. I seriously have always said I could not wait to leave my city. && now that i actually am it's nerve wrecking lol..
ANYWHO!! over all the nervousness I really am excited..I've done a little research and colorado looks like a beautiful place to live and plus AND MOST IMPORTANT i will be there with my soon to be HUSBAND and that will make all of this worth it..Im looking forward to starting this new life with him...The love of my life!
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That's exciting!! My soldier wanted fort Carson, but he got fort bliss in El Paso Texas. Lol I'm actually moving down there in a month I'm super excited but super nervous! I won't know anyone besides my soldier and it's going to be the first time that I'm actually completely on my own!

Lol thats where alot of his battle buddies wanted to go to lol..are you guys married..or will you just be moving down there for school or something thats closer to him?

To be closer, were planning on getting married this summer though

ooh ok....well early congrats.....i actually wanted him to stay in texas so i could go lool...but like i said im excited with fort carso, co to

not sure if your asking me or anicole..if your askin me then YES!!! it is defiantly a far move....over 1600 miles away

If you were asking me it's about 1200 miles from home so yes! Lol

LMAO IKR!!!!! geeessshhhhhh

@anicole this will be my VERY FIRST TIME being on my own also lool...he told me its time to put my big girl panties on lol i couldn't even say anything back because he is absolutely RIGHT!!! its so nerve wreckin kind of though lol

it better be if he value his life that he is able to live on this earth lol

@purplelily13 that's exact what my man said! lol, i am almost 20 though so he's right. it's VERY nerve-wrecking leaving everything here to go move and be with him. I'm super excited though and I can't wait. i just really hope everything works out with finding a job and making all new friends though

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how long before he finished AIT did you find out his 1st duty station? My bf is in AIT. He's been there since October and gets done in June. We want to get married but if he gets stationed overseas... Idk how that's gonna go. I'm a FL girl too and all my family has lived in a 15 minute radius of me for all 20 years of my life. I just want to know where he's going! lol

he finish ait in march been there since october also and he just found out last week...but he actually could have found out sooner but his ako account needed to be reset....i was extremely anxious to then when i found out i was like uhhhhhh yea idk lol..but im excited now loool

My bf decided to put down Germany, Spain, Italy and Cali for his wish list. I'm prayyyyyiiinnngggg for Cali! I'd be scared to death to be on my own for the 1st time in a country that doesn't speak English. It would cost so much to fly from Europe to see my family :(

Yea my fiance did the same lool...he put Germany,Hawaii, Georgia, and North Carolina.....and as you can see he was placed in neither of them lool..but I told him the exact same thing I def. didnt want his first duty station to be somewhere over seas. but yea it's just a wish list....he may be somewhere totally different.

I have a friend there who is also an army wife .

she likes it?

Where is your fiance at now?

he's in Texas right now

Ok got ya. Mine is still at basic.. I think he should start ait soon.. I am waiting to find out where he is going. He thinks Colorado! But we will see

how much longer do he have left in he doing his ait school at the same place?

I think he has 2 weeks left of basic.. and ya.. he is fort benning so he is doing everything there.

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yayyyy atleast something to work with lol im excited to move and stuff but im just really confused abt like when we get married(later) and get BAH and stuff. i would ask my man but he never knows anything lol

Lol getting more excited then nervous now....but i know when it comes to that day ill be nervous again lol.....n what about bah are u confused about?

like when can we get our housing and stuff situated before we get married? or do we have to wait until after

do u think its easier for to get a place then him move in? sorry for all the questions i just Dont have no one else to talk to in my situation lol

You mean you get a place before yall are married and then him move in? ...You could do it that way but you may miss out on military deals or specials and his duty station could change unexpectedly and then your stuck with 1-2 years would probably be easier that after you are married he can make you "Poa" and the you can jump right on getting an apartment anywhere...but first apply for base housing and if nothing is available from my understanding they give you a list of near by apartments that work with base housing so at anytime you need to break your lease you can do so with no hassle
and girl i defiantly dont mind the questions lol I was always taught you wont know unless you ask loool

your right i didnt even think.abt the lease thing. im not even sure where to stay until we get that stuff.straight. thats the confusing part. i guess at a hotel lol

i mean after we are married and going to get housing allowance etc

yea I had a somewhat friend of mines do that...her husband didnt leave her POA before he deployed and when he got back they had to stay in a hotel for about a month until their house was ready...since he will only be 2 hrs away from you, once the two of you are married you could get your name on a list for a house...or apartment on or off base get all the paper work done and go back home until its ready that way you dont have to spend money on a hotel for a month or more

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