Injured In Bct

Yesterday I got a letter from my solider saying that he injured his knee, and it's the same knee he had surgery on a couple years back. He's currently at Basic in Fort Benning. I'm nervous and anxious to know what's going to happen, but I know I have to be patient. His parents haven't gotten a call or anything. In his letter he said he felt like he could need surgery.
If anyone has ever experienced this or has any advice, please let me know :)
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My man ended up getting a tonsil infection the second to last week of basic training. Thank goodness he got it while he was in training! The care that he received from the hospital on base was much better (guaranteed) than what he would have gotten here at home. I hope your s/o's knee heals quickly. I know how low that can bring soldiers. Good luck to the both of you, and please pass on my thanks to your soldier for his service! =)

Not uncommon to receive injuries at basic, be glad he will have excellent medical care. The hospital there at Ft Benning is wonderful. Sometimes they are skeptical that a recruit is trying to dodge training and take a little time to "do the right thing", but they will & he will get all the treatment he needs. Hopefully it was not anything to set him back or require an early release date. I see you post is a few months old, but having served 34 years in the Air Force & one son in the Navy, another in the Army, I know medical is always taken very serious, due to the long term committment on both sides. good luck

my boyfriend is at Fort Benning for basic right now too! I'm sorry I don't have much advice about the knee injury.. but I can relate on so many other levels

Thanks :) when does your boyfriend graduate?