So much for being new at this. I'm gonna have to learn fast. He just found out he's being deployed to Afghanistan around March or April. I'm super scared. Already.
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Hi, I have a question...My Bf left for Iraq Nov 17, we have had e-mail communication all the way up to Dec 8th. Since then i have had no word from him. I am at the point i think i either have been dumped or he is injured. I don't know what to think at this point. He asked me to be his woman and wanted to marry me when he returns. Everyone is telling me i have been had and to forget about him. I have tried, i even sent him e-mails telling him how i felt and till today no replies .....any feed back would be wonderful.

Thanks ...Missing my Solider :(

U sound like me..! My soldier did a disappearing act like this before n after 67days of no contact he finally called n texted me.. he wasn't deployed or anything...We live in separate states so he told me he was in the fields but wherever he was, he came back. For some reason every couple mths he does this act n this time I haven't heard from him since Dec. 4th..still not on deployment..! I've been w/him for a lil over a yr now n this is his 3rd time. I think u can feel the truth in ur matter wat, follow ur won't lead u wrong. Each time I held on, cause I felt it...n, he came back. If u love him, hust give him some time. Things get busy over there n u know they train to n he have to stay focused out there.. just keep count of the days.. n when u tell hin how many he's missed he'll be surprised n filled w/joy that u kept up.. as for me, I'll be waiting w/u to see wat happens this time..I hope this has helped .stay strong sister..!

thank you i just got this sorry :(

Its okay.. I just hope it I say, after a while of no contact, I just let him be..his mom once told me to learn that no news is good news. Ha, yeah right! Is what I thought..but as time went on, I had no choice but to go wit the flow! In my heart I always thought about him n felt him thinking bout me..:) Don't even worry bout it, this ur time to do wat u need to do for u.. while my guys away, I work and go to school full time to stay busy.. by the time he contacts me, if he does, I'll be almost finish wit my nursing degree..if he doesn't..its his loss.
Keep ya head up n stay busy and always in prayer, you can endure anything! :)

I now know why he did not contact me.I was so happy to get his e-mail even thou it was horrible news.I knew in my heart that if there was any possible for him to contact me he would,he's just that type of man. I am so sad right now i don't know how to feel. I do know i love him and i know i will take care of him that is for sure. I do stay busy as i run my own business but it's at night when i can't rest my mind and i need rest bad.It's taking a toll on me :(

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keep yourself busy don't worry I thought mine was going to be forever but now he's back home and it actually wasn't too bad. Good luck!

i just hope it passes quick. its alot harder than i thought it'd be.

I'm in the same boat..n I don't know wat to do! The bad part about it is that after he told me he was going on a 8mth deployment, I told him to promise me he'll be back to me n he snapped off saying he's not making any promises. I haven't heard from him since then but one time n that was thru text..and I was asleep so I missed it...mind u that was November 4th @ 1:30am..ugh..just thinking about it gets to me!!!! That's why I try to stay busy.. Although that never helps, I just keep my head held high!! A strong soldier needs a strong woman behind him!! I know things will work out fine..@least I hope so. I know that you'll be ok though cause everyday time me! I work 3-12hr shifts @the local hospital n when I look up its already the on Sunday n the wks all over again!! Stay strong my sister, it'll be over before ya know it!!!

I'm incredibly nervous, but I know there's nothing I can do. He told me when he gets home, he wants to marry me. But the only things I can think about are in the negative. I'm trying so hard to be strong for him. But it's the most difficult thing I've ever done.

Awww hun, I know it's easy said than done but I only can say it cause I'm going thru it N from my experience it seems to be working sometimes.. I tell u wat, instead of allowing the negative to take over, just try to think of all the good times u spent w/him n the fact that he actually told u he wants to marry u when he comes hm..hell at least he's telling u & looking foward to coming back to u..! I tell people all the time to learn to appreciate n be thankful for their blessings cause there's always someone worst off..! No matter wat, know he loves u and wants to be w/u .God only does wat he feels is necessary to make us better..I think you'll be ok..but myself, I'll stay busy n just go w/da flow. If God brings my guy back than that's where I'm gonna be, if not then he's put me in the position for my true husband to come along.. either way its God's will n I'm gonna try not to focus on it..but do I? Yes, all the'm only human! Lol..n I'm crazy bout the guy..but it is out of my hands! :)

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