Is He Breaking Up With Me

So in the letter he tells me how much he misses hearing my voice and holding me. He says just because he's not there doesn't mean he doesn't love or miss me. That he loves me even though I drive him crazy. Then he says he is not going to see me for 4-8 months and he doesn't want me too miss outon anything good. He say he's not saying he's not good but he doesn't want to hurt me in the future. Wtf I'm confused now is he breaking up with me is it just the pressure he is under that would lead him to say this yo this is bugging me. How do I respond when I write him should I reason should I let him go this is crazy w.e
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2 Responses Jan 26, 2013

I don't think he's "breaking up with you". Honestly lots of men in the military say things like this.. and they mean them as though he doesn't want to hold you back from life in the sense that he's afraid that maybe you'll be miserable the whole time he's gone and won't get anything accomplished that YOU need to get done.... when you write him back, you need to assure him that you're in this together and that you can handle this and be strong not only for him but for yourself. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING IRRATIONAL OR RUDE especially if he is deployed, that only makes matters worse for him. I hope everything works out for you guys. ♥

Just reassure him that you will wait for him no matter the distance or time. Tell him you don't want anybody else but, him.

Thanks I was just being crazy letting what other people say get to me.. they don't know him like I do this is the guy who brushes my hair and paints my nails lol shhh don't tell lol I know he loves me . I got a letter this evening from him that made me fill much better. Thank you I appreciate you and your comment. It means alot.

Oh your welcome :) I was where ur at now a few months ago