Connect Four

So I just got finished making a connect four board. I'm sending out with My letters tomorrow. I thought it would be nice. We always played board games card games ect. Anyways I made the first move. He will make a move once he gets the board and then mail it back out to me with his letter. We will keep doing this till I WIN.. Lol smiley face. If he wins I told him he gets one favor anything he wants. If I win I get something too not sure what. I have to wait till he writes and tells me. I hope he doesn't ask for anything to extreme but it wouldn't matter cause ima win anyways ;)
babykrystal babykrystal
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3 Responses Jan 30, 2013

Super cute idea!

That is soooo adorable!!!

that's a really cute idea i might have to jack that me and my guy always played board games and get really competitive with it!

Please do. It will be fun. I I'm red since I doubt he has a red pen. And so no one cheats we have to mark whether it's the first second third ect move inside of the space we decided to go. So no one tries to mark two spaces cause it might go unnoticed lol I doubt he would do such a thing but I am also very competitive. Lol