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So I have been seeing this amazing young man since November. Weve know eachother for a long time.. He literally just left for basic a few days ago. I have no clue what to expect! I told him that I'll wait for him.. He's got himself a 3 year contract. I miss him so much already. Granted we lived a long distance away before, its still hard not talking to him all the tims or hearing his voice..My parents dont approve that I'm seeing him at all and I'm afraid to ask my mom if I can go down south with his dad to see him graduate.. my mom hates it so much she didnt let me say goodbye :( its beenhard but I really love him and I hope to God we make it through
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1 Response Jan 31, 2013

My boyfriend left a little over 3 weeks ago and I'm not going to lie; it's hard. It's hard not to be able to pick up the phone to call/text whenever you want. It's hard to not be able to see him or hear his voice. But I definitely think that if the love is true, then it is worth it. It definitely makes you stronger both as an individual and as a couple. Getting a letter from him will literally make your whole day. You will have times when you go from happy to very sad, smiling to crying. There are nights when I can't sleep because I miss him so bad. His 21st birthday was yesterday and I couldn't even call to say happy birthday. He's going to miss my 19th birthday in July when he's at AIT. But I would definitely say that it is worth every minute of pain because at the end of the day I know that he loves me and I love him. While he's gone you should expect ups and downs. Also, you should know upfront that your friends may not understand what it is like unless they have gone through the same thing. That's okay though! Find support groups online, google "Army girlfriends" and see what comes up. I find a lot of that helpful when I am feeling down. Maybe you have friends who have boyfriends who have gone to basic. It is surprising who supportive other army girlfriends are! There is one girl who I merely associated with but we have become closer because of the situations with our boyfriends and now we check in on each other every once and a while. So yeah, expect hardships, emotional roller coasters, and pain but know that it is all worth it. Hope this helped some! Good luck! :)