Waiting For Letters!

My boyfriend left for bootcamp a week ago today down at fort jackson. He called his mom on saturday letting her know he's okay and that he'll see us soon he finished reception on saturday so he started actual bct on sunday(week 1). He figured he wouldnt get to write untill he started bct so my question is when should I hear from him through letters?? How soon have any of you heard from them??
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My bf is at fort Jackson to but he's been gone for about 4weeks now and I received my first letter maybe a week and a half after reception!

probably 1 to 2 weeks after he starts, they need to get alot of stuff done so he might not have time to write right away. also Fort Jackson makes a facebook page for their companies so once you find out which platoon hes in you should try looking it up they post weekly how the soldiers are doing and post pictures of each platoon training and stuff it pretty awesome I had a really close friend go there over the summer and it was great to be able to see pictures if him while i waited for letters

That's awsome I didnt know that! Do I search fort jackson or specifically search his company once I know it?

umm i dont really remember cause it was a while ago but i think its like if you type in fort jackson and then the company your boyfriend is in but im not sure ill see if i can find out for you

okay so this is what came up when i looked for my friend when he went
"3rd Battalion 13th Infantry Regiment BCT" so when you get a letter it will have the battalion number on it and the regiment number so just switch it with the ones i have and you should find it im assuming they will have one eventually. any question let me know