Songs That Make Me Think Of Him..

Every morning i listen to Clay Walker ~ I'd love to be your last.. That's a great song since our love story was 15 yrs in the making.. Another good one is Dierks Bentley ~Thinking of you.. Jerrod Neiman ~ Only god could love you more... There is a band named Madison Rising they are amazing check out the song Walking thru the door...
KevinCountrymansGirl KevinCountrymansGirl
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Right before my boyfriend left for basic we had a rough time talking about how we weren't the first loves of eachother but we wished we could have been and that song is so perfect for us! He said he knows he wasnt the first but he'd love to be the last and it absolutely melted my heart. Hope all is well for you & thanks for a good song:)

Mine says the same thing.