Fort Leonardwood

Anyone have a solider at Fort Leonardwood Missouri???
Omggkenzzz Omggkenzzz
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saw my soldiers photo on have u checked it out yet??

I got 4 letters in the mail today! Was the happiest girl in the world. My soilder is amazing <3 already wrote back and have it in the mail box for tomorrow!

aw. so happy for u. i received one..he said he doesn't know his address yet. i think he barely went to bt from reception :( didn't even get the tshirt yet either. i guess i'll just have to keep myself busy.

basic training is 10 weeks and ait is another 10 weeks also??? he doesn't want to tell me cause he wants to surprise me when he comes back home. anyway,, i don't know how u do's extremely difficult for me to go on everyday..waking up and sleeping without him by my side. :( i call him and text him like it's a normal day..and carry on like it's just another ordinary day to keep myself busy. but when i stop, i still catch myself missing him more than everrrrrr!

Do you work or have school? I just try to stay as busy as possible.

i go to school and work full time. i just moved here to alaska not too long i don't have any friends..he was basically my only friend so now that he isn't here..i just stay home and stare at the walls. lol

That's not bad! At least you work. I barely work I just go to school from 8-4 Monday through Friday. And work like two days. I just try to stay positive and not let it bother me. It is really hard though. Especially since yesterday was valentines day :'(

i know..and everyone is talking/posting up photos on fb :( geez..makes me feel so lonely at the same time. lol but we can do it,, we just gotta think positive and think about the benefits of them coming back. this will only make the relationship stronger :)

I agree with you 100%.

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did he give you his address already?? cause mine said he won't be able to til sunday..god, i miss him so much. i'll be sure to pray for our soldier to come back, still sane. lol

Mine said that he sent out one letter already and to not write back to that address because that wasn't the address where he was going to be doing the training but he was going to send a second one and that I was supposed to write back to. Soooo that must be what he means by he won't have it until Sunday. I'd just wait until you got that one and right back to it. Can't wait to get them though! (:

I got a 7 minute phone call today when i was working. thought it was all sunday..but i guess it's only for a couple of minutes.. :( he said he wrote me a letter and sent a tshirt with his photo on it so when i miss him, i can put it on..and it'll seem as if he's never left. haha. how long was your phone call?

When did you get that call? Mine was like 2 minutes :(

sunday at 1:11pm(i live in alaska) so it was 3:11 over there. it was weird cause after we hung up, i called him(even when his phone is leave him messages) his phone was still turned on..then when it was bed time for them, i called..and his phone was finally turned off. maybe he was trying to sneak it with him so he can secretly call but got caught cause i call too much. lol jk. but i can't wait tip next's taking way too long!! is your soldier in reception or bt right now?


he started basic training on monday of this week. He texted me his address yesterday so i sent out my letter this morning. Still haven't got his letter yet though :(

he never texted me his address..but he tested saying that he can't talk but that he loves me and will call me on sunday. :( i haven't received anything from him either..but he sent a letter and a t-shirt about 4 days ago..i think mine starts any day now...

lucky girl! i want a t shirt :/

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yes my boyfriend is in ft. leanordwood too

he just called, the best 7 mins of my life!! im glad i stayed up. did you're solider call yet??

Oh my god! I know this morning around 7:15 I got a call from my soldier! You have no idea how unbelievably happy I was.. Made my whole day. I love him so much. Can't wait to start getting letters!

my solider is in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. he just got there on Feb 5th..the last call i received was, "baby, I can't on the bus and promise to call you back in 2 hours when I get to our destination. I love you." ..and I haven't received a call since then : ( every morning around 4:30 and night at 8:30, i wake myself up incase he calls..but I know they are busy with reception..heard MO is by far, the toughest.. let me know if you get letters or a phone call..

Yess for AIT, but in one more week he will be at his first duty station. Two hrs away from me

Is he military police?