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It'S Getting Better

The first couple of weeks without him were really almost impossible. It's been getting easier though because now hes getting my letters (FINALLY). I also went on facebook and found the page for his troop. I recommend everyone to do the same. They post constant updates and pictures and it's an incredible way to stay connected with them even when you can't talk. I can't make it to his BCT graduation, but I'm planning on surprising him when he gets his 10 days leave before he has to report to his duty station.... Thats a whole different topic, but i finally talked to my mom about the very likely possibility of moving in together, meaning we would get married, and she took it a lot better than I expected. But we will see how all that goes when he gets his first assignment. Until then, I look forward to checking my mail every day and always write him throughout the week. I've also been sending him pictures which has really picked up his spirits. I have the countdown until he is in my arms again, but it gets smaller and smaller every day :)
TaylorMarcella TaylorMarcella 18-21, F 1 Response Feb 7, 2013

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This was a really positive story! I'm in the same boat as you.. I can't make it to my boyfriend's BCT training :( but its a good idea to keep a countdown for yourself. Maybe I'll try that!