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Ha Ha I wrote an essay for my english class about an "Important Decision" that I've made...  I chose being an Army girlfriend because it's all that's on my mind lately and i figure I might as well...  well ladys I got an A on it!!!  :D  lol It was great!  the teacher didn't have many comments on it or any thing!  Just thought I'd share!!!

BrendaMarie BrendaMarie
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4 Responses Oct 29, 2008

Ummm..thank you!

Great job on the A! It's always easier to write about something you love. What a good topic to choose-doing what we all do is difficult, but every 50 tears is so worth that one 5 minute phone call or that one 1/2 page letter!

Congrats on your A ^-^ thats an amazing topic to write about, i think all of the girls here can relate to that decision.<br />
Its hard, and i dont LIKE being so far away from him, but its something i chose becuase ive found a love i just cant walk away from.

thats great hun! congrats, we all have the right to choose what we want to do in life and i chose to be an army girlfriend also! its a complicated road but with each others support we can do it, thats why i love this website, i dont think i could be making it through him being gone if it wasnt for the girls here