Omg Urg!!!

Ok so i have like 10 days untill my man is in my arms again and omg i'm going crazy!!!  i gotta start packing soon and cleaning my room spotless and find my camra!!  omg i donno where my camra is and i'm like loosing it bc i want to take pics with him and other friends and everything upnorth but ya know i can't find the darn thing!!!  urg!!!  but any wayz i got 10 days to look for it and i can't wait til i get to see him!!!

BrendaMarie BrendaMarie
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3 Responses Nov 22, 2008

Ok an update... Now he's thinking that his paperwork didn't go through!!! I'm like nooo!!! F***ing Army!!! I like want to break something now!!! But I donno I just gotta have fath that he'll be here, that he'll work everything out...

take a min, sit down and breath. you will find your camera. Im glad you get to see your man soon! My boyfriend gets to come home on the 13 or 14 of December and there is a good possibility he will be home for xmas. Have fun!

Really pleased hes on his way home to ya hun.<br />
Mines coming home in december, a month today and Im excited already only his rnr but just to see him will mean the world to me :D Enjoy urself :)x