It's Official He's Out of the States

So I talked to my man alot yesterday and the day before. He shipped to Benning on the 13th and then he got word that they were trying to push him out by friday. Well they managed it. No train up really at all. He had only been with this unit since the 13th of this month and he's already on his way or already in Kuwait. I dont know because I havent talked to him since 3pm yesterday. He's going to Kuwait so my guess is he's going to Iraq. Odd part is he was flying out with a bunch of guys he wasnt staying with. He was the only one to his knowledge going to the place he's going to. He doesnt have his computer but he has an I pod touch his mom bought him right before he left that if he gets any signal at all he'll be able to e-mail me but so far nothing. I'm sure the trip was insane though. I miss him so much though. He's kind of freaking me out though. He's totally against marriage (dont ask me why I still have no idea and we've been together 3 years) we've been engaged but broke it off and just stayed as bf gf. Now the weird part is he kept saying he cant wait till he comes home so we can start a family and maybe get married. How weird is that? He called the yesterday and was so upset he was almost in tears. Now when he was in basic and AIT his first words were always "how's my dog" not how are you it was always how is my dog. He never asked about his dog the other day. And he was talking weird like talking about jumping off a building to try and break his legs so he could come home. I'm kinda scared he'll try something stupid but there isnt anything I can do except try to be strong for him and make sure he knows i'm not going anywhere I guess. How do you guys deal with deployment and has your man ever gotten this depressed and has it ever scared you (of what he might do to get home)? 

jinxy18 jinxy18
Dec 19, 2008