Well here's how it started. It was December 23. My cousin Britney was telling me that I needed to dump Tim, and find someone who would treat me right and wanted to be with me. I knew she was right. I was on Matt's myspace (Britney's husband) and I saw this picture of a dragon thing. That's when it all started. Before I knew it I had his number. I went and added him on myspace, and I wanted to meet him. I had to meet him. Then as soon as I knew it things went spiraling out of control. He told Britney that he really didn't want to date anyone. I honestly felt like crying. It sounds crazy but I was heart broken. If I could only change his mind. It was like I needed to be with him. I couldn't be without him. I didn't even know him. I didn't care. Me Britney and Holden agreed to hang out after Christmas. It was the 26th and I felt like hurling. I was so nervous. From the day. Had his number We had been texting non stop. I didn't even know what he looked like, and I didn't care. As me and Britneyvwwlked outside, my face was red hot and I was shaking. Then, there he was. Perfect. I couldn't remember who Tim was lol. That's all it took. The 29th he asked me out, and things have been amazing. We've had our up's And down's but we get throug it. He's at basic and I can't wait to go see him.
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Welcome to the military lifestyle. Assuming your talking about this past december?<br />
Sounds like love at first sight, ive definitely had a bittersweet relationship with the army ever since my boyfriend signed his life to uncle sam, buts its really a strange and very unique kind of love.<br />
One that you dont take for granted.<br />
and i love that the army has given us that