your only at basic training, havent even graduated yet and i miss you so much it hurts. i lay in bed all day after i get home from school and think about how im going to get through the night without hearing your voice. my friends dont understand. i have distanced myself away from everyone being in my room all the time. this sucks alot but i promised i'd be here when you get back and i wont break that promise. will you just please come home and stop this pain tonight?

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I am right there with you!!!!! The difference is I tried to through myself into work, school, and friends. I try to keep occupied. but NO one and NOTHING can even begin to occupy my mind from him. It so rough. <br />
<br />
All I can say is hang in here. I know its soo hard but honesty what helps me is just the thought of him. He's been gone for a month now. and I just re-read his letter, old texts I have saved, and even revisit my voice mail... Facebook helps alot lol. Stalkerish I know but yeah. I watch tons of movies too. Listen to his favorite cds. I even read books he likes.

Hang in there. It really does get better. We all have times that we think that we will just die. BUt you can make it through this. Try to focus on the good things. When I can't sleep I think about the day he comes home and that always helps.

I know its really hard, hun.<br />
I cant tell you how many days ive just laid in my bed and cried because my heart is aching for him so badly.<br />
But i PROMISE you that the best way to stop hurting so much is to keep yourself BUSY. Get a job, put more time into a hobby or something you do for fun. I work 35 hours a week and just finished school. And when I have free time, i paint because i found that im good at it, and it really clears my head. know that your not alone in this. I never thought i was going to get through his BCT, but after you get through all of this for the first time. And you get to family day/ graduation, and you see him standing there in his uniform, every second is worth it.<br />
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just hang in there

aye dios...<br />
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Honey you will get used to his being gone, you will learn how to live in spite of the separation. I know its really hard just to leave your house sometimes, but I promise the more you do it the better you'll feel, even a walk around the block can help!