I Hate the Army!!!

Ok so I'm leaving before the sun even thinks about coming up to go see my soldier and I'll get there around 2pm-ish and check in at the hotel is at 3pm and it's a half hour drive to get there, so by the time i get there through the gate to his room and his stuff in my car and are ready we'll have ta go to the hotel and check in then by the time we get there and checked in and what not we only have an hour if that to be together because he has to be a DD for an officers party of some sort from 5pm till like 10pm or possably later...  I say let those who choose to get drunk walk home!!!  Hell we do it all the time in northern michigan!!  even in i donno how many feet of snow and what ever weather, and possably a longer walk even!! 

sorry just my little rant...

on the plus side we got a room for 4 nights (he'll only be able to stay 3 :( )

urg i can't wate!!!

i got loads to do!!

re up my birthcontroll, wax my eye brows, wash my car, shop at victoria's secret, oil change, re up my dog's dog licence...

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lol I know i'll enjoy it!!<br />
<br />
i did some therpy shoping and I feel better now ha ha.<br />
<br />
I got some cute Lingerie for valentines day from Fredricks, new shoes that are super cute (they're pink and brown), and a pink button down shirt. I'm getting ready to go buy some candles and what not for the room.

I know its frustrating, ive had visits like that, where its sooo annoying and your jsut going "why cant they leave us alone?!" <BR>But its worth it :) And thats ust for one night, and then you'll have two other nights of just you and him *nudge nudge*<BR>My soldiers coming home friday. I cant wait!! Ive had such a horrible week, seeing him was exactly the pick me up that i needed<BR>enjoy your time ith your soldier ^_^ i know iwill

Have fun! Oh it will be so worth it even with all the little problems the army can throw at you! I had trips like that before my guy was deployed, I would have to catch a flight at 6, which mean be at the airport at 4:30, which meant wake up at 3:30 lol. So rough but so worth it! Im excited for you, have an awesome time!