She Threatened Me...!!...

Ok so the restraining order is coming into place with him but OMG 2 nights ago it was ridiculous.. So I get a PRIVATE call from some chick that said it was Noa's wives best friend. She said you really need to stop texting him and calling him you b***ch. I told her ummm I have not been contacting him he has been contacting me. She was all well forget that cursing at me and siad he was gonna show me my apartment then beat my a**. I was all ok I will just call Security so now if they step foot on campus they get arrested. Oh then the night after which was last night he would not stop calling me. My roomates BF had to answer the phone and tell him you need to back of she has a new BF and if you can't accept that then you have some real issues. HE called twice after that and I told him in a text on my roomates phone that I'm in luv and if he could please leave me alone. He left me alone after that but man he is being so childish right now it's ridiculous he won't let me go...xOXo...

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

aw man, that sucks.<br />
I hope they back off your case and chill out.<br />
good luck, sweetie.<br />
keep us updated

......... yea. i'm starting to be glad i told you to take legal action. this man and his friends are obviously seriously unbalanced. telling someone you'll come to their home and beat their a** is legally a threat, and you should find out if the restraining order can be amended to include his posse. i'm so sorry he's being so awful... make sure to be careful and watch out for him or his "friends."