Boyfriend Is Going to Basic

Hiii Ladies!

i am new to this and also new to the whole military scene. my boyfriend of 8 months is leaving for basic training on the 25th to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.. anyone have a man going there?


i just think this website is great and the support is awesome. id love to talk to anyone and wonder how you got thru it? does it change your relationship.good or bad? i know everyone is different but i just need to be reassured im not stupid for sticking with him i love him dearly and id do nething for him thats why i want to support him without being selfish.

any advice is great  = )

stay strong ladies xoxox

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Ian new to this as will it is hard u do cry a lot when they way I live in aus and he is inthe USA,army we meet on a dating site Ian trieing to get him home so we can get married. We talk on IM a lot and email but it is hard. He tills me not to cry last week was bad I just cry all day I dit not talk to him 4 days that was a bad 4days of my life. Hope we can be friends nikki

my boyfriend of 2 in a half years just left 2 days ago to go to FT.Leonard Wood!!! it is so hard right now. i can not wait till may when he is home!!!!!!

My boyfriend of 2 months left yesterday to go to Ft. Leonard Wood!! I miss him. I can't wait to get a letter.... i'm counting down the days until he gets home =)

my boyfriend is going to ft leonard wood he left january 19th he has been gone for about 3 weeks girl its soooo hard im still dealing with getting the day over as fast as possible so i can start the next day i got my first phone call from him sunday and he was crying bc he missed me soooo much i think the whole experience will make your relationship better bc he will realize how much he misses you .... just remember to write him alot and every letter show him how much you care bc its going to be a whole of a hell lot harder on him than you bc at least you have ppl around you that care about you up there they have no one to talk to ..... i know my boyfriend in his last letter said he hates it there and all my letters are the only thing helping him get thru it so if you need anyone to talk to im here

basic? hurt the relationship? nah i doubt it, considering basic isnt that long...try a deployment. my husband has been gone for 8 months.

My boyfriend is over at Fort Leonard Wood right now too. He's been there for about 6 weeks so far and yes they have been super hard but the time has been going by really fast. The letters everyday are what keep us going, I know he loves getting them and it's what keeps him going everyday. As soon as he is allowed to get pictures, send him a couple he really loves that. I took some pictures in front of the city we are from so he can see home too! As the weeks go on and he starts to get through more phases of basic he will start to get more privileges, like the phone a little more even though the calls are random and super short, but every second is worth it, mine always come around 5 pm my time, pacific zone, or Sundays. My phone never leaves my side ever. The long distance makes your relationship a lot stronger because you realize how much you can't live without each other. We are trying to start planning a wedding over letters because it will probably be right when he gets back. Just keep positive and tell him how much you love and miss him. When they first get to training their DS (or at least my bfs did) they told them that their mothers are glad they left and their girlfriends don't love them anymore and are with someone else now, so it might be a little better to remind him that it's not true. There are the really tough days ad some are easier as long as you keep yourself busy. Hold onto everything you have that reminds you of him, I have texts saved, a voicemail, and the letters are protected in a binder that I ready pretty much everyday! Good Luck with everything and the time will go by faster than you know it!

Thanks you so much eleven11!! I appreciate that :) Your advise is always really up lifting and great as well!

Hey girl, welcome to the military lifestyle!<BR>I think armyfiance pretty much covered it.<BR>Just keep yourself super super busy. When he left, it took me 3 months to realize (so he was already through basic and beginning AIT) that i needed to pick up an extra hobby along with my job and going to school. And it really helps. I can see a big difference between how much i cried and missed him then vs. now, when i dont have enough free time to think about it. Driving and especially sleeping is always the worst time for me, because i have time to think about him, or falling asleep in his arms and waking up next to him (to this day, thats what i miss most)<BR>But basic...pretty much, the experience is different for everyone. He might not be able to write as much, or call because of his CO. Mine went into two different units in BCT and when he went into the second, the letters dropped drastically. But be REALLY supportive. Remind him you love him, write about things and people he knows and keep him updated on the news and his favorite bands. They are completely cut off from the outside world.<BR>And i WISH my boyfriend had called me 5 times, lol. I think i got a total of 3 phone calls the entire time he was there. But beleive me, those phone calls are worth it. I still remember how high i was floating after each one. You'll begin to live your life around getting to the mailbox in time to see if he wrote. I wrote him every other day (he does have to do pushups for whatever mail he gets, but he'll think its worth it. Mine had an uncle that was in the marines that would send him blank letters just for the pushups X_x lol it was awful) I drenched every letter in perfume (he loved it, and told me to keep doing it, but ive heard about soldiers getting smoked for it, so be careful and figure out what kinda CO he has first)<BR><BR>and just stay strong. It felt like everyday was 50 hours long, but when i finally got to his BCT graduation/family day, i looked back and it seemed to go by pretty fast. Plus, seeing him for that first time, standing there in his uniform--its the most worthwhile experience ever.<BR><BR>As for our relationship, we had only been dating 2 months when he went in, so I was still really insecure about it. And i was bitter and angry at the army for a long time for "taking him away". I still am everyonce in a while. And the distance and seperation can definitely take a toll on the relationship. My soldier gets paranoid sometimes because he sees so many of his battle buddies being cheated on, and we get into fights about it. But im still here, and its been 14 months now and we're still going stronger than ever. If the army has taught us anything, its taught us not to take each other for granted. To savor every moment we have together. Im a stronger person now, after pulling through when I didnt think i was gonna be able to do this.<BR>and i definitely dont regret it.

Great advice ArmyFiance!!! You covered it well =)

lol wow how embarrassing, I ment hello :) lol

Hey!<br />
My boyfriend is there right now!<br />
All I can say is write him everyday.<br />
That's pretty much gonna get him through basic. <br />
And also be careful on what you send him. He could get into<br />
serious trouble.<br />
How long is he gone for?<br />
Just be strong for him!<br />
Your all he has.

Hell :) My Fiance is in basic training, at Ft. Benning GA, and we actually have a lot of friends that are in Ft. Leonard Wood(combat engineer? right? I think thats where they usually send them) <br />
Anyway when people say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" they aren't lying, lol My soldier send me lots of letters and thats defiantly whats getting me through, so make sure to ask him to send you lots of letters & vise versa. I think you go through a lot of different stages, my first night alone I pretty much cried the whole night, cuz he wasn't there in my arms and if was something I was not used to at all, but then it got better, and then a couple weeks into, everything started slowing down and a day feels like a week. But he does get to call once in a blue moon, they sometimes get a call from reception, which is the "initiation" & paper work, etc phase, to tell you they've gotten there okay, & he can pretty much choose who he calls (oh btw make sure to send him off with a phone card so he'll be able to call home) I've gotten a total of about 5 calls since Jan. 16th which is acutally quite a bit. Also in every letter tell him how much you love him and how proud of him you are :) that always makes the days better for them, and remind him that you are going to wait for them and that you are there for them, etc. <br />
Another thing is don't be to hard on yourself when and if you miss a phone call from him, it does suck, really really bad, & no one can prepare you for the disappointment, but there is no way you could've known that he was going to be calling at that particular time, because calls are so random and sporadic. Also remember it does not last forever and he'll be home sooner than you think! :) <br />
Time is so precious, remember that for sure and try and treat the rest of the time you have with him like gold cuz you'll miss him. Ohh and take videos of each other with your phone or camera cuz I did that with out even thinking it would matter, just to be silly, and I watch them like every single day! Just us sitting there telling each other we love each other or just being cutesy :)<br />
<br />
Lol I know its alot, but its just good stuff I wish I would've known before he left. <br />
<br />
good luck!! It going to be totally worth it in the end!!<br />
<br />

Good luck to you and your boyfriend. Hopefully someone with more experience with military relationships will be by soon.