He Got Hurt!! =(

Today I found out my boyfriend had been hurt. He is currently overseas and will be coming home very soon. I haven't heard from him in almost 48 hours but when he finally was able to talk to me he told me he was hurt. I was so worried for those 48 hours and I had the strongest feeling something was wrong. I'm still worried about him but I least now know he is ok. How do you tell with it when you don't hear from your boyfriend for a while or find out he got hurt?

I guess I need to vent!

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That is all of our biggest fear...is them getting hurt. Yes, it is true that they will tell the family first unless you have kids together I think! It is hard to think of them being hurt in any way and not being there for them. Luckly I didn't have to go through that...except for a jammed finger! LOL! But he thought he was going to die!! I will keep you and yours in my prayers! God Bless!

OMG sweetie, youve pretty much hit on my worst fear.<br />
Im sorry he got hurt, i hope hes okay!<br />
I always hear that no news is good news.<br />
but i'd rather just hear that hes okay from him, personally, though i guess that cant always happen.<br />
We all know what its like to worry, especially us special ops girls ( Am i the only one here that is one?) <br />
Ill keep my fingers crossed for you two. Be sure to keep us updated on how hes doing.<br />
Did you learn where he got hurt?

Thank you everyone! I'm really glad I have this support. My friends can't really relate like you can. I will keep all you in my prayers too!

Soon as we get married they will let me know if anything happens, right? I will keep that in mind thank you!! Yea my boyfriend is in arms too.

You just have to keep telling yourself...That no news is good news......Make sure that you are on good footing with his family....Keep in contact with them...that way they will tell you anything and everything that they hear.....They will always be one of the first to hear the bad news....<br />
<br />
So if they do not know of you.....And they get bad news....Well how will they know to tell you....<br />
<br />
So always...always keep in contact with is family....And you do the same for them...Anything that you hear...Make sure to tell them....They are part of your support in the military...<br />
<br />
Best of luck to you both....And if he is talking...Well that is a good sign that he is not hurt very badly...<br />
<br />
Give him a salute from me....I was in...so he is my brother in arms...

Thank you everyone! I miss him so much and just want him to come home so we can get married!!

Aww WOW! I am SO SO SO sorry. I'll have you two in my prayers!. My guy is still in BCT so he's no where near actual combat, but I sympathize with you.

My fiance just came home from Afghanistan! Those countles days when I ddint hear from him got to me! He was luckily never hurt! But a few of his sgt's wives told me sometimes no news is good news! its hard to jusdt try to except that but honestly its kinda true! just hang in there!!

Thank you for help. Yea even if it is just say he is safe and thats it then I'm ok. But since he didn't say anything I was worried. He told me today he was at the hospital. I just want him to come safe because we are planning to get married when he gets back!