Wondering If Anyone Else Has a Soldier In Specops?

I never thought about it until i just commented on someones story...but am I the only one here with a boyfriend in special ops?

I'd love to hear from other girlfriends who have boyfriends in specops. Its a really scary thing to go through, especially since hes expecting deployment anytime now, and hes not going to know until about an hour before he has to leave. It could be tomorrow for all i know Im not gonna get to know where hes going, or when hes going to be back. And honestly, I dont know how im gonna make it through that kind of worrying.

Buut at least the deployments are shorter, even though their much more frequent.

Sooo, any others? I know its not that different from the regular army. Soldiers are soldiers and us girlfriends worry the same no matter what. But i was just curious.

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

My husband isnt, but they are trying to get him to do it. It makes me really nervous. His Master Sergeant tries to talk him into it like once a week...You are strong for dealing with it! I think it would make me a mess! But then again- we deal with what we are given and we are strong women!