I am so upset right now because my boyfriend graduates next Friday and I am suppose to be going. We have been planning for me to go since before he even left. So he calls me last night and he tells me to call his aunt in the morning so she can get the plane ticket for me to go with them. I am thinking everything is going fine but she calls me back about a half hour ago and tells me that she will have to pay 300 for my ticket so that I can get on the plane with them because she bought the rest of the tickets yesterday. I was so pissed because I really want to go but I don't want to have to pay 300 dollars when yesterday she paid 130 dollars.

My boyfriend told them that he wanted me to go with them since day one and they act as if he just told them yesterday. His family is really getting on my nerves because they are playing with my emotions.

Plus I found out that he has to go to California before he can come home so if I don't go to his graduation I won't get to see him for another couple of months. So I am determined to get a spot on a plane going to Kentucky on Feburary 19th.

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I dont know where your from or what airlines yall have up there but I'd check the other airlines and find a cheaper ticket. I think there has got to be a cheaper one. and I wouldnt worry about his aunt. She's being funky right now but she'll get over it or ur bf will fix it.

Bless, It sounds like you will have to find a way to go then. I will keep you in my prayers that you get on that flight.x