5 Days and Counting..

that's right. Its been 5 days since I have heard anything from him. No sign from him at all. All of the other wive's haven't heard from their guys either so we are assuming they are away on mission. I dont know if you heard or not but the 4 soldier's that lost thier life's on Monday were from the same brigade as my babe. I got a letter from the frg ladies saying that it was. It wasn't his group so as far as I know he is ok. I know he is but I dont...I need to hear it from him before I can let my mind rest. Since Ive gotten the letter I haven't slept but maybe a couple of hours a night. I go to work still everyday and I am sooooo snappy with the customers. I have never wanted to hurt somebody so much in my life! and I swear today was military day at the store or something because two soldiers came in, one airman, and a guy wearing an operation iraqi freedom shirt. Everything just happened at once and I broke down. On top of all of that, my bosses are getting a kick out of joking around with me saying he left me for an iraqi woman...which is soooo not true but still! shut the hell up! haha. This stress is just getting to me! I swear I have only a couple of weeks till he gets his leave and at the rate things are going he is going to be picking me up from an insane asylum in a straight jacket!


I just wish there was a way to ease my mind.

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

My soldier use to tell me that there is nothing to worry about until a black SUV pulls up infront of our house! That really didn't help. BUt in a way it is true. If something were to happen to him you would be the 1st to find out,ASAP! Trust the FRG ladies the can get info easier then the rest of us. Try not to worry, I know that it is hard. My soldier had 2 guys from his unti get killed and I worried the whole time until he called and told me he was okay. I have even been chatting with him online and in mid conversation he said "have to go,base just got bombed" and then clicked off. And I didn't hear from him for 2 days! So just try to relax. And id soldier just got hurt then the may be on what is called "black out" and can't get online or call. Hang in there, as soon as he is able he will call to let you know he is alright.

Hang on tight girl, he is OK! Eleven11 is sooooo right, your FRG ladies have all the info that there is to get at this moment. If anything happended to your soldier,YES you would have heard SOMETHING by now!<br />
A mission is more likely what is going on right now. He is doing his job, and WILL BE HOME very soon! I know it's hard sweetie, stay strong and vent as much as you need to!

Oh babycakes! Trust in the FRG girls, they have all the information that there is to be had right now. As soon as there is anything to be known you will know it, and until then remember that no news is good news! If anything had happened to his group both the FRG ladies and your soldier's mom would have known days ago, and you know that all of them would have contacted you.<br />
<br />
Try to breathe. Try to sleep. Try to go for a walk, even if it's a short one! Remember to talk to God, not just to pray, but really really talk to God and speak what you're feeling, what you're hoping, what you're afraid of, and what you're wishing.<br />
<br />
Head up, and as always I am here for you!

Here you there sister. I dated my now ex marine while he was in Iraq and it drove me nuts when it went more than five days. Believe me it is the mission being changed or something along those lines because that is what always happened to me. Just try not to bring it with you to work and let that one be a release. I get what your saying about military day because that happened to me all the time when he was there. Anyway try and calm down if you can he will get to you when he can. He is there now and everything is now out of his control. It sucks! You will be fine.