I Could Very Well Loose My Mind.....

So I am really having a rough last couple of days. And today was just to much.As some of you know my soldier is currently making his way home from his deployment..taking a lot longer then expected due to sand storms they won't fly! So I have been worried about him getting home and how he is holding up. So he he logged into his myspace page today but didn't bother to email me or let me know what was going on.....maybe to alittle dumb for me to be upset over that, but i was. Then our kids have been fighting, and yelling and screaming none stop! They are driving me CRAZY! So then I thought to let my sister come over and stay with me and help me. I was so wrong...she was just as bad as the kids. She didn't clean up after herself,yelled just as much as the kids,ate,slept,showered and didn't help much at all. So I decided to take her back home, and I think that she was alittle hurt. It just seems like I should just be able to be happy right now. I mean I get to have my soldier back here soon, and I am 100% thankful, but I just am overwelmed at the moment and feel like I don't have time to breath. I mean here it is 10 pm and I still have not ate dinner or anything! Maybe I am just being crazy,but I really could loose my mind! I'm just praying tomrrow is better...crossing my fingers though! Well sorry for the ranting but I just didn't have anywhere else to turn. Ya'll don't have to comment ...just needed to get this all out! God Bless!

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Of course you needed to rant, this mess is HARD!!!! And to be able to take care of five munchkins while in the process of trying to hold yourself together shows just how strong you are!<br />
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I truly believe that when they don't talk to us it's because they are just so overwhelmed that they're on the brink of losing it themselves, and he may be scared of taking his frustrations out on you when of course they are in no way of your doing! (Now if someone could just convince ME of this when my man does the same exact thing, lol!!!) <br />
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And in addition, even though this is my first deployment-and so will be my first return, I really think that it gets harder the closer it gets to them coming home. It just seems like I get more and more and more irrational the more nervous I get about seeing him! I know you've been through this a few times already, but maybe there's still some of this going on for you...<br />
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Keep your head up honey!