Busy Week!!!

Okay, so as many of you know I leave Tomorrow for California and fly out Saturday for Korea! I am so excited but holy crap this week has gone by faster then any week since my husband has joined the Army! Monday Morning I went to Nellis AFB to talk to the HHG people about shipping our stuff and after i did that they sent me next door to make my flight plans. I sit down the Girl asks me "when do you want to leave" I ask how soon can i leave? You know usually you have to plan like way advanced, yea not in this situation! She was like well we can book you a flight for tomorrow? I was like no, better make is Saturday so I can finish up some things, Seriously not even 5 min later I was booked on a flight walking our the door! I was in total shock, like it didnt hit me that I was actually going to leave until I called my husband to let him know. We both almost started to cry! The next 3 days were CRAZY! Tuesday i spent the day at Nellis getting tons of shots, and picking up my final tickets, then had to drive 2 hours to another town (Nellis is 1 hour from me) to get my BC Shot. Then I spent rest of the day going through paperwork and making all the calls i had to make. The next day I spent it going through my storage unit finding things I needed to get our for moving- the today I spent the day packing my stuff and unpacking all my HHG for the movers- i had to unpack cause they have to pack it to insure it! I have gotten up around 6 everday not going to bed tell way after midnight! Today I woke up at 6 and didnt finish tell 10:30ish, but of course i took about a 2-3 hour break to say goodbye to all my friends and family at a little party! It still hasnt hit me that im leaving- i think it will on my drive or on the plane, but i know seeing my husbad- thats going to be the best part. i know I am going to break down in tears! Haha, we still havent really been able to get out of the "Newlywed" phase! We had only been married bout 5 months when he left... Anyways! I am excited yet was nervous! Its  going to be different living in Korea! But its going to be an awesome experience!!!

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This sounds very exciting. Wishing you a safe trip and hoping that we'll be reading about your adventures in Korea soon.

Enjoy and safe Trip!!!!! Don't forget about us!!!!!

dont worry it will be worth it all once you see him! im so excited for you and i wish you all the best! korea will be so much fun and exciting for the both of you. update us!

SOOOOOO freaking exciting!!! I am so happy for you honey! Have a safe flight, and enjoy him!!!