he called finally! even though it was around midnight there..he said he had to talk to me. It sucked because the phone connection was soooooo bad but the good news is that he is ok, thats all i needed to hear. He said things have gotten kinda bad there but for the most part its ok. Im on an ultimate high right now! I couldnt be happier! we talked for 17 minutes but since the connection was so bad it was more like 3..but like i said, i heard im ok and i love you and that was all i needed!

just a couple of weeks to go before i get to see him again!!! maybe i will make it without being locked away for going crazy..

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

YAY!! YAY!! I am SO HAPPY you got to hear from him! I have been praying for you girly! I am so happy you also get to see him soon! I am still in like shock that i actually get to see my husband! But oh gosh girly I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! HOOOAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! The feeling of relief is tremndous isn't it?!?!?!<br />
Glad you heard from him!

<br />
I am so happy for you honey!!! =)