Spring Break Plans.........

So for Christmas my boyfriend gave me a trip to Ft Bragg so I could visit him before he left for Afghanistan. He was going to leave in July so we picked my spring break b/c its about half way between Christmas and when he was going to leave. A few weeks after Christmas he called and told me that he is going to be shipping out sooner (April/May)

I talked to him last night and they moved the date up sooner now. So now he has to decide whether I fly down there to see him or he flies home. The only crappy part of flying home is he only has 8 days of leave. 2 of them would be spent on travel. But if I go down there he doesnt have to take leave and I will have 8 full days to be with him. There will be a little time on the to hang on the day I get there and the day I leave.

When he told me that he might be coming him I was happy but sad at the same time. I was looking forward to seeing were he has been living the last couple months and meeting some of his friends. We also had a few things planned and I had a few surprises. He has had FTX all this week and he will have it again next week. Next saturday when he finally gets done with FTX it will only be 20 days until I would go down there. Thats a lot of stuff to plan and get ready in 20 days.

I really cant wait to see him and I hope it all works out. Hopefully the dates wont change again.

iwillwaitforever iwillwaitforever
Feb 13, 2009